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Every law enforcement agency in New Jersey has occasion to encounter or investigate some aspect of insurance fraud. The Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor (OIFP) coordinates investigations of insurance fraud with law enforcement agencies at every level of government, whether municipal, county, state or federal, and facilitates avenues of communication among these agencies in insurance fraud.  
  OIFP hosts regional law enforcement coordination meetings in each of OIFP's three regional offices. Officials from law enforcement agencies both within and without New Jersey are invited to attend and participate in these meetings. These meetings offer guest speakers with expertise in an insurance fraud related subject. These meetings also provide an opportunity to share information and intelligence and establish professional relationships with counterparts in other law enforcement agencies assigned to work in the area of insurance fraud.  
  OIFP has undertaken a number of steps to enhance the ability of local police officers to identify the indicators of various types of insurance fraud which they are likely to encounter, and to undertake the appropriate investigative steps following that detection. OIFP offers a comprehensive roster of training opportunities for local police officers at county police training academies throughout New Jersey, which are tailored to the level of experience of the officers in attendance.  
  OIFP has also produced and distributed to local police departments statewide roll-call training videos addressing fictitious insurance cards, staged accidents and fraudulent auto theft claims. OIFP has also published and disseminated to local police a publication known as the Uninsured Motorist Identification Directory (UMID). UMID provides information to enable local police officers to verify the authenticity and current validity of automobile insurance cards by making direct contact with appropriate insurance company personnel.  
  OIFP has also assigned personnel to act as liaisons to County Prosecutors' Offices and other law enforcement agencies. OIFP’s County Prosecutor Liaison has established and maintains a comprehensive system for the coordination of referrals between OIFP and County Prosecutors’ Offices. The Prosecutor Liaison is responsible for overseeing and administering the County Prosecutor Insurance Fraud Reimbursement Program, conducting annual training for assistant prosecutors and county investigators, and meeting with County Prosecutors and their staff to discuss reporting requirements and the coordination of investigations.  
  OIFP’s Law Enforcement Liaison acts as OIFP’s representative in coordinating OIFP’s activities with law enforcement agencies at every level of government, and in facilitating avenues of communication among these agencies in the area of insurance fraud. In addition, the Law Enforcement Liaison processes and maintains a database of requests for fictitious insurance cards and “pretext insurance policies” for use in undercover investigations by OIFP and other law enforcement agencies.  
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